Hi Tumblr!

Hi Tumblr. Just wanted to take a break out of my postings and let everyone on Tumblr know how much I appreciate the community. It has been a tough year for me in many respects and being able to post on Tumblr and share the things I do to keep my mind occupied and see what others are doing has really helped the year to move along quickly. So I just thought it would be nice to let everyone out there know how much I appreciate you all being there. And just so a lot of you don’t feel bad about not posting as much as some of the rest of us I will tell you that I am single actually divorced so I spend a lot of time alone and that accounts for why I can get so much done so frequently. I do try to get out and travel whenever I can but since most of my time is spent at home I just try to keep my mind and my hands busy.


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