I finally broke down and bought a warlord games 1/56 scale tank. The M18 Hellcat which I cannot find manufactured in 1/48 scale. Also for the first time I am putting up a one to one comparison between a 1/48 scale and 1/56 scale tank. It is grossly out of scale but it appears 1/56 is truer in scale to the 25mm Warlord Games miniatures. I still prefer 1/48 scale simply because of the detail and the modeling involved. I will probably keep the Hellcat but only use it in games by itself. Once a 1/48 scale version is available I will go ahead and sell it. I also have a Churchhill Mark VII which I picked up on sale for the British in 1/56 scale which I will also probably use by itself or with the Hellcat. Oh yeah it is a nice model.


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