Happy New Year – Year In Review and 2015 Goals!

Happy 2015!  I have not done a year in review in sometime but after enjoying reading others I felt it was time I contributed one of my own this year.

2014 In Review:

  • Bolt Action – by far this year was dominated by my large leap into Bolt Action combined with my new found interest in building 1/48 military vehicles for World War 2 one built on the other and the synergy has really made for a profitable year painting and modelling-wise.  To see my actual results you can visit my Tumblr blog.  But in short, I know I have built and painted over forty vehicles and assembled and painted over 200 miniatures (mostly Warlord Game box sets).
  • Conventions – this was actually a slow year for conventions for me.  I missed Spartacon and Pro or Con (the Spring show) and only attended one day at Origins.  I did have a good show at GenCon as usual and made the Pro or Con “Battlefields” convention just prior to the year ending.
  • Gaming – as usual actual gaming was limited to none even Bolt Action.  Other than the convention games I didn’t get any games in – solo or otherwise – at home.
  • Blog – my blog has been up and down this year but the was due mostly to my frustration early in the year with WordPress’ interface.  Instead I have turned more and more to Tumblr and managed to gain a following of some 600 subscribers through that.
  • Collecting – my collecting pretty much kept pace last year although toward the end of the year it consisted mostly of 1/4 Tamiya vehicles for use with Bolt Action.  However I did pick up models for Megalith games Godslayer and Saga.
  • Kickstarter – yeah this is a category by itself these days.  My Kickstarter pledges were fortunately restrained but that is not saying much when the buy in for most Kickstarters is $100 or more now days.  I supported Redbox Games and Tre Manor several times as well as DGS games Freeblades and Stonehaven Miniatures.  My larger pledges included Wild West Exodus, Deadzone, Fairytale Games, Heroquest 25th Anniversary and Dungeon Saga.  Of these five two have been delivered, one is not due yet and Fairytale Games and Heroquest are both overdue now.  Oddly though the only one I am regretting pledging to yet is Deadzone as I simply have not been inspired by the game.

2015 Goals

  • Bolt Action – I am about topped out when it comes to 1/48 scale vehicles so I hope to round out my infantry forces this year and then work on some terrain.  Other than that I would like to get some game in and decide whether to use Bolt Action exclusively or test out some other 28mm WW2 miniature games.
  • Conventions – I am looking forward to doing more conventions this year starting with Spartacon in Lansing.  I traveled back and forth to L.A. a lot last year so I missed a lot of the conventions but I don’t anticipate doing that this year so we will see.  My big goal is to make both Historicon and GenCon UK – neither of which  I have ever attended.
  • Gaming – I will do more gaming this year (starting this month) even if I have to do it solo.  I will certainly start with my Bolt Action collection then try either Godslayer, Freeblades or Saga.
  • Blog – I will continue to update Tumblr as it really inspires me to do hobby related stuff.  Although the emphasis this year will shift from WW2 to fantasy and terrain.
  • Collecting – this is the one area I don’t anticipate doing much more in.  I have a rather large collection already that I can’t clear out as easily ever since ebay banned my account because it said I opened two accounts at the same time in violation of their policy.  The only thing I really anticipate collecting are more of the Star Wars X Wing Fighter ships.
  • Kickstarter – who knows what to expect with Kickstarter.  I will probably remain selective and focus on unique miniatures but these days they only appear on Kickstarter in large board or tabletop games that start at $100.  So places like Redbox games and Stonehaven will probably still see most of my money for the great miniatures they are doing in small economical pledges.
  • Other – other than that I am working on my own game Journey To The Overland and hope to get the core game out by March of this year.  After that I will work on supplements and miniatures promised as stretch goals and then look to launch my second Kickstarter and even a card game.

Well it has been an exhausting end of the year as some personal things have weighed heavily on me.  But I am resolved to push on and trust in God and urge you all to do the same.

Happy New Year,

D.C. Ware


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