PT 109 finished. I was not really impressed with this model which I’ve come to expect from Revell. The plastic is cheap, brittle and oily. The figures have awkward poses and the instructions were confusing. All that being said this was my first vessel and I thought it might get some use in some Pacific scenarios with my Marines. Project Six.

You should dig up the Tamiya Pibber. It falls together like all Tamiya kits. Revell kits are based on a lot of old moulds.

This is ancient.  I remember my brother having this kit when I was little and I think he had it in the late 70’s.

Funny, I picked this up,at Hobby Lobby. With a 40% off coupon it was only $12 so that is why I didn’t look for a Tamiya version. I will add they also had some 1/35 scale armor and 1/72 scale planes by Tamiya and HobbyBoss that one could use the coupon on.


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