USMC Dozer!

This is a utility vehicle I had left over from building the B 24J Liberator. I have been kicking around this ideal of using it as a dozer for sometime. However when I started on my Warlord Games US Marine Corps it occurred to me that it would make an excellent Marine Corp dozer of the type that would have been used on the islands in the Pacific. From that point the rest of it just came together quite nicely. The Marines escorting the driver are from The Assault Group. I wanted to give the impression that The Marines are moving their base camp, and rather then carry items around in the hot jungle the Marines would take advantage of stacking as much stuff as they could on top of this vehicle. Therefore you see parts for tanks, gas cans, backpacks, chemical barrels, and weapons. In addition some wooden logs are being transported to use in putting together the new base camp.IMG_2872 IMG_2871 IMG_2870 IMG_2869 IMG_2868 IMG_2867 IMG_2866 IMG_2865 IMG_2864 IMG_2863


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