Panther G – Late production – MAN factory

Models are PSC 1/100 scale. This kit got a lot of flack for lacking the infamous Zimmerit paste. Battlefront probably hopes that Zimmerit plus a Jagd- option will get people to pay almost twice as much for otherwise identical tanks. But to me, it was an invitation to either do very early Panther D’s from 1943, or very late Panther G’s from 1945. Went with the latter. Very happy with the kit overall. Skirts are super easy to attach, and very easy to knock out/damage/partially hang single panels (as I did on the rest of the tanks, but not these).

These are factory-camouflaged in dark yellow and red brown over a green base. As these vehicles are imagined to be rushed to the front for one of the deranged offensives of ‘45, the running gear and lower hull were left in their red lead primer. This is badly chipped: just like in plastic models, bare primer chips horribly without a coat of normal paint over it to give a more coherent surface finish.

Mismatched skirt panels come directly from a reference photo. Went with MAN references because Daimler Benz tanks are just too uniform: identical camo patterns and identical upgrade configurations all the way to the end. MNH patterns are really, really ugly, and only really seen on the Eastern Front anyway. Don’t have any Russians, so no point.

Two new techniques: sponge painting for the chips, and masking with bluetack for the stripes. Very happy with results, but the masking is completely maddening. Oh well, means I get to spend more time painting …

Still have yet to do my own Panther!


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