The Ghost Town of Misery Comes To The Overland!



Backers of The Journey To The Overland Solo Tabletop Roleplaying Game have unlocked The Ghost Town of Misery Expansion.

The Ghost Town of Misery does not exist. But using a round tile printed with custom art of The Ghost Town of Misery “ALL IN” backer will be able to have their characters explore this long dead town.

Located in a hex only revealed in the supplement, players will place the new town tile in the indicated hex at the start of their game. However being a Ghost Town you will only be able to enter the town of Misery on a “Stormy Night” after your evening meal. Once there you may stay as long as you like but when you leave again you will only be able to re-enter it on another Stormy night.

In addition to all the usual supplies that can be obtained in a town or castle Misery will have its own tables for

• Seeking News and Information (except this News and Information is one hundred years old and will reveal things about the Overland that few other living souls know)

• An Audience with the NPC Mayor (Mayor Lovecraft may or may not be dead but he’s got some debts to pay and he would like your help)

• Purchase Ancient Artifacts using your Merchant skill that can be sold for a small fortune in three other towns or castles!

• Study Town Magic (learn the ancient art of Necromancy a magic exclusively studied in Misery many centuries ago and rumored to have been the cause of its demise)

• There are no Constables in Misery but should you run afoul of the law you will instead encounter The Pale Riders!

• Visit The Tavern of The Glowing Skull (where its patrons are long dead men and women of renown of The Overland, some of whom may join your quest if you have mastered the ancient art of Necromancy!)

Finally, in addition to having access to the town itself certain events in the town may trigger the introduction of a unique set of Encounter, Event and Quest cards used solely with the Town of Misery expansion. These Encounter, Event and Quest cards will be introduced into the normal game decks and remain in play even after you leave Misery until the conditions that brought them into play have been met!



With 17 Days to go there is still time to get in on this project before it disappears until October 2014!


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