100 Miniatures In 10 Days Painting Challenge

I am preparing to start a painting challenge where I will try to paint 100 miniatures in 10 days.  I have done this before but never on Tumblr where I hope to chronicle my daily progress of trying to average 10 miniatures a day painted.  Basically there are only three rules/guidelines:  1.) you can choose any miniature you want even partially painted ones; 2.) mounted miniatures count as two figures (large figures and vehicles may also count as two but that would have to be on the honor system); 3.) basing is not counted; I tend to base all my miniatures at the same time in mass so I consider basing a separate step from the actual painting.  Finally, even though you should begin by selecting 100 miniatures you are not committed to them and if you get bogged down and feel like switching some miniatures out or in that is perfectly fair.  Also Army Painter primer is encouraged as I would love to compare the results of those who use Army Painter and those who do not.

I will begin today with my initial selection which I will post later.  But the ten days begins whenever you start the only caveat being the official end date for the challenge will be February 10th.  I’d love to see who gets to 100 miniatures first!  If you are going to try this with me just reblog this post and say your are in!   #100miniatures


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