Overland Journal #3 – Game Cards!


In this week’s preview of our upcoming Kickstarter Journey To The Overland Solo Tabletop Roleplaying Game journal I would like to discuss the game cards.

In Journey To The Overland there are four main set of game cards that act like the game engine and Gamemaster that makes the solo play possible.  These card decks are the Weather Cards, Quest Cards, Event Cards and Encounter Cards.  Let’s discuss each in order:

Weather Card:   Weather cards do exactly what they say “describe the weather for the day”.  Each day a player will draw one weather card to see what the weather is for that day.  Unlike some miniature games where “weather” is abstract in JTO the weather (“like real weather”) has a very real effect on what actions a player can chose for that day.  For example a “rainy” day typically makes travel harder and means you can travel less far in a given day.  This is significant and may cause you to chose to stay in a town or castle and simply “train” or “heal” wounds.  A “sunny” card allows any action but usually allows you to heal more wounds if you do “rest” and chose to heal wounds that day.  Other cards like “tornadoes” or “earthquakes” can not only disrupt your travel but can be life threatening as well.

Quest Cards:   Quest cards are actually special cards that only apply to characters with the “knight” skill.  Knights are required to perform quests from time to time and when they are they will draw a quest card.  A knight’s quest can involve everything from challenging an errant knight blocking one of the king’s roads to engaging in a full scale war or a voyage at sea.

Event Card:   Event cards are drawn once a week and describe events in “the land” that not only affect your character but everyone.  Events lasts for the entire week and “must” be obeyed or followed.  For example the “special tax” event requires all characters to immediately head to their hometown or “start heading” to their hometown to pay a special tax levied by the king for that week.  This means even if you are far from your home and right near your destination for that week you must turn around and start heading home even if you can’t make it home before the week ends.

Encounter Card:   Encounter cards are the heart and soul of Journey To The Overland every time a character travels there is “a chance” of him having an “encounter”.  Most encounters will involve meeting other people or NPC characters traveling.  These meetings will in turn usually require you to roll on the NPC Reaction Table to see how the NPCs you meet react.  The results can be as simple as they ignore you, the joint your part or they attack.  Encounter cards also give you information about news and events happening throughout the land such an Orc raid that took place a few hexes from your position or a shrine you can visit in the hex you are in.

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