2014 Top Ten List of Upcoming Miniature/Wargames

No. 10 – Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Large Ships


This game is obviously not new but Fantasy Flight will take its space based Star Wars combat game to new levels next year with the release of large planet destroying class ships.  No news on the price range but I expect between $60 and $100.  Still just one would not hurt!

No. 9 – Heroquest 25th Anniversary


There is a lot of speculation as to whether this game will even see the light of day due to intellectual property issues but that being said if it does come out next year it has to be on the list.


No. 8 – Warlord Games:  Bolt Action US Marines

usmc set

This is another existing product line for Warlord Games WW2 Bolt Action game.  The thing I love is that you finally get US Marines in plastic so that large scale WW2 games in the Pacific Islands can be fought using any miniature rule set.  Often second fiddle to the European theater the US Marines and the Japanese were truly two fighting forces that gave no quarter and asked for none.

usmc plastic3

No. 7 Achtung! Cthulu by Spartan Games

sgt brandon carter

This appears to be a post WW2 Cthulhu type of skirmish game by Spartan Games who brought us Dystopian Wars and Unchartered Seas.  I love the theme and more than likely I will pick up some of the cool Lovecraftian creatures!


No. 6 Warzone (reboot):  Resurrection


Everyone that played RPG and Tabletop games in the late 1990s knows about the Warzone Mutant Chronicles universe and its Corporation Governments waging wars over capital and resources.  Well apparently the franchise is getting a reboot next year thanks to Kickstarter Warzone Resurrection.  The good thing about this reboot is unlike Ex Illis which tried to reboot its prior game by offering the same miniatures, the Warzone guys have went back to the table with all new art and sculpts.


No. 5 Wild West Exodus


This Kickstarter of a post modern Western alternate reality skirmish game has already been released but having bought into the Kickstarter I am looking forward to big things from the makers of this game, Outlaw Miniatures.  Not only does the game have a lot of possibilities for more generic skirmish western games but it may also be a great source for some models of leader characters or heroes in your other games.


No. 4 Wrath of Kings


This Kickstarter raised almost $1,000,000 on Kickstarter and is offered by the folks at CoolMiniOrNot who have an excellent track record of fulfilling their KS campaigns.  I did not buy into this as none of the initial factions really appealed to me but I hope other factions will be released soon after it ships and then I definitely will take a look at it.  They had an amazing display at Gencon so that a lot of the work on this product has already been done:

IMG_0717 IMG_0730 IMG_0731 IMG_0732 IMG_0733

No. 3 Shadows of Brimstone


By far the most popular new them this year has been the alternate west.  Shadows of Brimstone is another new take on that genre by the people at Flying Frog Productions who brought us the wonderful Last Night on Earth.  In Shadows of Brimstone you play western characters who discover mines that can be explored like dungeons that lead to alternate worlds or realities.  This is more of board game but certainly directed at the miniature community and includes solo play.  I meant to get on this Kickstarter but missed it before it closed.  Will definitely pick up the basic box next year if I can though.


What has really got me buying into this game is the range of miniatures is not just limited to infantry but Warlord games is putting out a rare selection of heavy weapon and support plastic models like AT guns, flak guns, mg teams and jeeps and halftracks.

No. 2 Kingdom Death


To be honest I do not quite understand what this game is about or how it will be played. But it was the vanguard of the big game funding on Kickstarter last year as it raised $2,000,000 for an unknown artist and game developer.  In truth this game is all about the gorgeous miniatures some of which already sell for over $200 on ebay.  The game was to be released this November but now has been pushed back to sometime around May 2014.  The quality certainly appears to be worth the wait but with so much added to the original KS I would not be surprised if an August 2014 release date is more likely.  That means most of us nonbackers will never see this game unless you plan on dropping $500 or more for it on ebay.  As for me I would just like to play it as the game itself has some original ideas and game mechanics although the pre-historical setting of early man fighting for sustenance and survival doesn’t really hold my attention.


No. 1 Myth


Myth is a cooperative board game from the guys at Mercs Miniature who brought us the Mercs game.  In Myth players team up to take on something called the Darkness which is an AI driven opponent with its own heroic “bosses”.  Characters control heroes with their own deck of cards to represent their abilities and attributes.  In addition to the board game aspects though Myth has a lot of RPG elements like obtaining treasure, quests and events.


This game was at Gencon and it was almost impossible to get in a demo.  But just what they had at the convention looked very impressive and very polished and more importantly everyone was enjoying the gameplay!


Well that is the list and its a lot of good stuff!  And like last year I will keep you posted as I add one or more of these to my collection!

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