Back from GenCon 2013

IMG_0519First of all, welcome back!  I hope everyone enjoyed their summer.  I just returned from GenCon 2013 which marks the official end of summer for me so I am hoping to get more blogging done.  I promised myself this year that I would use GenCon to springboard my return back to wargaming and solowargaming in particular.

So let’s start with some updates:

  • First of all, if you have not been following it you need to follow my Solowargaming Show Tumblr as I use it almost exclusively to post pictures.  I already have a lot of GenCon pictures up there and more to come.  It is just too hard to post pictures using WordPress so Tumblr works better.  Sorry for the old grognards with no Tumblr account but its just the way of the future.  I actually have more followers there than here!
  • Next, I have started a Solowargaming Show blog on BoardgameGeek.  I collect as many boardgames as solo wargames and I want to tie the two together.  Again though it is a lot easier blogging on BGG than on WordPress.  This blog will mostly discuss Boardgames that I think complement solowargaming very well.

Now here is y top five solowargaming list of some news or highlights of upcoming stuff from GenCon:

  1. Wrath of Kings:  I hate to jump on the Kickstarter bandwagon but if you have not heard of this miniature game check it out.  It is by Cool Mini Or Not and is meant to be an alternative to their Dark Age game.  It is more medieval and fantasy based and not post-apoc like Dark Age.  I really like the look of the miniatures and will be posting some pictures on my Tumblr page.
  2. Mantic:  Basileans.  Mantic games has finally decided to introduce some humans to their Kings of War and now I am introduced.  The Basileans are a holy order type of fantasy army with cavalry, archers, swordsmen and such.  I really like the look of the cavalry and as I have a fantasy game with different kingdoms it is nice to get some different looking knights on horseback.  This is due out in October!
  3. Bolt Action:  US Marines.  I am just getting into WW2 after two decades of wargaming and it was Warlord Games Bolt Action I have to blame.  I have a lot of their Americans, and British but what I am really looking forward to is the upcoming plastic US Marines to go along with their plastic Japanese which are hitting shelves now.  They didn’t have any at the convention but I picked up some metal US Marines to tide me over.
  4. Bushido.  Bushido is a Japanese samurai style miniatures game by GCT Studios.  The rulebook was released at GenCon and looks great.  I will do a review later.  The miniatures look fantastic and can be used to supplement any samurai era game.  Ever since Clan Wars died I have a ton of oriental lead sitting around and this game and Ronin by Osprey may be the two to help me get it all dusted off.
  5. Wild West Exodus.  This is also a Kickstarter that I bought into.  It is basically a high tech Western themed miniature game.  I bought into it because the Outlaw faction miniatures simply blew me away.  That being said the concept – while not necessarily new – is a fun one that goes as far back as the old Wild Wild West tv show (not the crappy Will Smith movie).

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