A Black Day for STALKERS

Check this out to see how it ends!


Tonight was to be the first mission in a linked series.

A small detachment of Vityaz MVD troopers was on a routine sweep near the south west edge of the Zelyony Forest. At mid day, they caught the feeble, static-washed signal of a distress call claiming to be from the survivors of a scientific research team trapped in the abandoned URAN base seven kilometers away. Guided by a three-man STALKER crew, the Vityaz fireteam approached the base’s main gate. The lightly armored but more nimble STALKERS entered the base some 500 meters north through a break in the fence beside a pair of dilapidated barracks.

The bodies of the Research project’s security detail lay nearby, torn, mutilated, and in some cases, partially eaten. The remaining scientists had taken refuge atop a rusty fuel tank on the far side of the base.

I won’t re-hash the tragic details, but suffice it…

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