The Honorable Mentions!

This is a short list of the new/upcoming items that didn’t make the Top Ten List but still deserve an Honorable Mention (or maybe even an higher estimation on your own list)!

World War II – Blitzkrieg.


This is an expansion to Operation Barbarossa 1941 by Zvesda.  But this introduces the British which I have really been anxious to see.  The models for the base game are really nice even if the poses are a bit odd so getting the British would really be nice.  Also since you can add pieces like planes and tanks for this system for as little as $4.00 I am looking forward to being able to field some real nice British units.

Assassin’s Creed – Heroclix.


This game is mentioned solely because I have been wanting a good miniature of Ezio for some time and hopefully out of of all the bad sculpts this game is bound to have there will be one worth rebasing as Ezio!

Axis & Allies Europe 1940 and Axis & Allies Pacific 1940


Anyone that even remotely follows the Axis and Allies series knows these two games have been going for over $200 a piece for some time now.  So when I saw the latest Game Trade listing a reprint for both of these they moved very quickly up my want list.  Then when I saw the list price of $90.00 – the settled further down the list just as quickly.  Hopefully though the reprint will either bring down the price of the originals or eventually sell for less online once the initial demand is sated!

Warhammer 40K Dark Vengeance


Seeing as how I have not played Warhammer anything in many years and have never played Warhammer 40k this almost missed by radar.  But when putting together my first list I came across it and was intrigued.  What really has me interested in this is that it appears to contain all Space Marines (admittedly one side is chaos marines) which are not that hard to proxy into other sci-fi games.  Being plastic you could even cut or file off all the skulls and such.  Problem is it appears to be retailing for about $137 per box which for GW is a new high for a “starter set”!  Though if GW stuff holds true to form the box will probably sell for twice that in a year or so.


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