Top Ten List of Upcoming Wargaming/Tabletop Games

This list is just a quick look and some comments of what I am looking forward to coming out (or recently came out) and hopefully purchasing:

No. 10 – Dystopian Legions

I will probably not buy this game but I have always liked Pulp games.  Usually I like to play in them rather than game the period but this is one of the first attempts to really do this genre in the way other miniature games are done so that alone has me intrigued.  There are also some good individual miniatures that I could see using in some American west games like this FSA (Federated States of America) Buffalo Hunter:

No. 9 – Infinity by Corvus Belli

This game is not new but with the recent announcement of new releases at GenCon this game cannot be ignored any longer.  I already have individual miniatures from all the collections and for pure art in a miniature these are hands down the best on the market period – there is none better!  Sadly the game itself is a near future high tech warfare game that I have never played.  Even my near future stuff I like to look more like WW2 or Navy Seals modern ops stuff.  Nonetheless most of the miniatures with a little conversion work can be proxied into any existing game including some fantasy and medieval games (i.e. convert guns to crossbows).

I am not a big Star Wars fan but my favorite part of the movies is the ships so this game interests me.  I have played it once and it was very intuitive to play and still retained a lot of theme.  If I get it I will probably proxy the ships and game into my own sci-fi games and use it to play out ship to ship to combat.  This game also just has a lot of glitz and visual appeal.  This game is out now.

No. 7 – Dust Warfare – IS48 Super Heavy Tank

This game began as a board game that I demoed at GenCon.  I was not really impressed with the board game as it was very simple and did not offer very many tactical options.  Since that time FFG has published wargame rules for this game called Dust Warfare and more importantly it has started releasing a fantastic range of vehicles including super heavy tanks.  I have already picked up the Allied Super Heavy Walker and will definitely get this IS48 Super Heavy Tank.  I also have the rule book for Dust Warfare which I have not looked at yet.  For now, I have no interest in the infantry figures so most of these vehicles will probably be drafted into some of my near future WW2 games.  I picked up some old Mongoose Battlefield Evolution figures at GenCon and these would fit real well with those.

No.  6 – Freeblades!

I did a post on this game after Origins.  I had a chance to demo it at GenCon and I really liked the combat system.  This game just has an old school, pure middle ages fantasy game that I grew up with.  Right now I am just collecting what I can of the miniatures as the release schedule for this game is somewhat slow.  DGS games just did a Kickstarter which was not all that successfull ($6,000 raised of $5,000 goal).  Hopefully they will learn from that and try again with a better offering to really get some momentum.  For now these will fill in my own games with me using the combat system and miniatures to represent some skirmishes.  The rest of the game world and fluff will have to wait until more of the range is available.

No. 5 – Fireforge Miniatures

I have frantically been trying to get my hands on a box of these since I first saw them online.  Unfortunately very few US Distributors actually carry this product and with the European VAT and shipping I am willing to wait until I can find someone locally.  Right now this appears to just be miniatures with the Teutonic Knights, Crusader Knights and Mounted Sergeants out.  I am unaware of any game rules that these are specifically designed for which may explain why they are not carried by more s US stores.  Still this is high on my list of products to get around to purchasing.

No. 4 SAGA

This is the most popular game that no one has ever heard of.  I even went to GenCon 2012 and couldn’t find a copy anywhere in the exhibit hall.  Saga has been out about a year now and combines miniatures with special dice and a special reference board to really give its factions unique abilities and qualities.  Everyone I know that has played it has really enjoyed it and I had a chance earlier in the year to demo it at a local convention but didn’t know enough about it at the time to sign up; something I now regret as I cannot even find a demo taking place anywhere.

No. 3. – Bolt Action WW2!!

Now I have been wanting to get into WW2 for the better part of a half decade.  In fact at most conventions I usually play WW2 games.  The draw back has plain and simply not been wanting to get into a new army with the costs and painting.  However, when Warlord Games started putting out its plastic WW2 stuff and then announced they were putting together a set of wargame rules by Alessio Cavatore and Rick Priestly I had to make the jump.

What has really got me buying into this game is the range of miniatures is not just limited to infantry but Warlord games is putting out a rare selection of heavy weapon and support plastic models like AT guns, flak guns, mg teams and jeeps and halftracks.

No. 2 Flames of War – Open Fire!

Flames of War has gone plastic and WW2 miniature gaming will never be the same.  Everyone of us grew up with the 40mm plastic green army men and fought countless battles on our living room floors.  Well these miniatures are more like 20mm and these battles are meant to be fought on the tabletop.  But having got a first hand look at these sprues at GenCon I am all in.  I have known Flames of War players for a while and they all boast huge metal armies composed almost to the man to actual fighting units or elements.  The downside was that was about $500 worth of investment.  Now with the plastics and box sets like Open Fire you can get a complete battalion or company for less than half that and the entry door to casual WW2 gamers like myself has been opened.

I have even picked up the starter Achtung set at GenCon just to get some extra tanks for the $20 deal they were running

But having seen the infantry sprues up close I can tell you there is nothing like this in this scale for WW2 right now and they are beautiful!!

This is the one game that may actually move me from being a 95% solo gamer to a 80% solo gamer!

No. 1 – Megalith Godslayer Game!

Now unless you follow this blog regularly you have probably never heard of Godslayer.  But it is a new game from a French company called Megalith games.  It is high fantasy and faction based and the miniatures are some of the best since I’ve seen a quite a while for a complete game.

The factions have some historical basis to them so they have the potential to be used as proxy in a lot of existing historical and fantasy games.  The quickstart rules are available at the website at a free download and if you order before October you can get a 10% discount direct from Megalith!

Well that is the list and its a lot of good stuff!  I will keep you posted as I add one or more of these to my collection!


One thought on “Top Ten List of Upcoming Wargaming/Tabletop Games

  1. Correction: In looking at the Open Fire ad on the Flames of War website it actually appears the game “does not” come with any infantry miniatures. In fact, it looks like the exact same contents that is presently in Achtung! If this is the case then I would not have included the “Open Fire” boxed set in my Top 10 list – only the infantry sprues. The question however is if they will not be included with Open Fire in January “WHEN WILL” THE INFANTRY SPRUES BE RELEASED!

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