Solo Product Review: Paizo CHASE Cards!

I got an email today about a great new product for Solo Wargaming/RPG.  These are the Paizo Gamemastery “Chase Card”.  The way the cards work is you set out a path or map of an area your characters are running through and draw cards each turn/round for obstacles or events they encounter along the way.

There are cards for a city, a forest or a dungeon so the obstacles or events will be specific to the environment.

According to the cards the characters can resolve the obstacle or event in one of two ways:  either by “bounding” over it and making the appropriate check or scrambling or crawling through it and making the appropriate check.

These should certainly not be too hard to resolve using your own stats like Initiative/Agility/Dexterity or what have you.

Moreover, instead of simply rolling to see if your Solo character gets away from those zombies or Russian agents these cards add a real element of risk to their escape – one you have very little room to fudge!

I definitely intend to purchase a pack and try these out soon and will post a report of how it goes!


One thought on “Solo Product Review: Paizo CHASE Cards!

  1. Isn’t this more a preview than a review? It worked, though – I picked up a pack the other day. Yes, you can get the same basic thing online for far less, but having proper cards with nice, colourful art is worth a bit more, and it’s not like I’m using the rules anyway. They’re good – only 19 cards per environment, but they all have the same back so you could mix and match pretty easily if you wanted to throw elements of a forest into your dungeon (ruins in the woods?) or something along those lines. I like them.

    I still don’t trust Paizo to write any sort of rules, but their non-rulesy products (maps, mainly) can be fairly good.

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