Use This Instead of That!

If you really think about it this can be a really expensive hobby if you let it.  When I first started wargaming I was fond of telling my wife how my typical blister or box of lead miniatures cost less than what she paid for a $14.00 music CD.

Unfortunately I have not said that in quite some time especially when you consider Games Workshop is now selling single “Finecast” miniatures for around $22.00.

However, after attending this year’s GenCon I was struck by just how many of the “New Releases” resemble “old” favorites.  Meaning a LOT of what is new has been offered before and in some cases is still available under a different name or by a different manufacturer.  This is striking when you consider with the cost of inflation you can literally be buying what for all intensive purposes is the “same game” for almost twice as much as it sold for in a different name, by a different manufacturer.

Over the next couple of weeks I hope to take a look at a few examples and maybe save you some bucks in your solo undertakings!

First up, Fantasy Flight games X-Wing Fighter:





This games claims to be a game of tactical fighter to fighter combat in the Star Wars universe.   Well correct me if  I am wrong but wasn’t that the same game known as Starship Battles:











Now knowing Fantasy Flight their Star Wars starship game will retail for about $60.00 and then you will need expansions that will probably retail for about $40 each.  Meaning the base game and one expansion will run about $100 of today’s dollars.

Well Starship Battles sold in Starter Sets that used to start at $29.99.  With boosters that sold for $14.99.  Moreover, you can still get the starters on ebay for about $35.00 bucks!

Not only is this a perfect “this for that” example but you actually get a “better” deal with Starship Battles because unlike the Fantasy Flight starters that will only feature X-wings and Tie Fighters, the Starship Battles game had a mixed lot (albeit random) of all types of Star Wars ships.  Meaning no waiting for expansions to play other ships.


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