Oh My God – Zilla!

I like playing with toy monsters as much as the next guy.  In fact, I grew up on Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman and Johnny Sokko and his flying robot.

So naturally when Godzilla Kaiju Wars was announced I got giddy!

However, when I saw the price tag of $69.99 I got sensible and started thinking “didn’t a game like this come out before?”  Yes, and it was called Monsters Menace America!

Not only does Monsters Menace America contain more monsters but judging from the reviews of Godzilla Kaiju Wars it is a better game.  Admittedly the miniatures in Kaiju Wars are far coolers looking but then again that is what dollar stores are for as you can always find a plastic godzilla or king kong on every other dollar store shelf.  Not only that but Monsters Menace America used to be sold at Toys R Us for around $25.00 and still can be found on ebay for as little as $5.00!


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