Back from GENCON Indy 2011

Well I got back from GenCon Indy 2011 this week.  I will put up some pictures later of some of the stuff I photographed but this is just intended to be a quick post convention wrap up.

I had intended on arriving at the convention on Wednesday but had car troubles on the way and spent Wednesday and Thursday morning getting a new battery.  When I arrived Thursday the Will Call line for badge pick up was literally wrapped throughout and outside of the building.  All in all it was a three hour wait to pick up a badge I had pre-paid for.  I have never experienced this with Will Call before but considering I usually arrive around 4:30 pm or 5:00 pm on Thursday the line is usually gone I suppose as it was by that time on Thursday.

I then spent the rest of Thursday pretty much checking in a lot of games I wanted to sell at the auction.  This continued through mid day Friday when I finally got to do some of my events.

My first event was a Battle for Planet Hoth – Enemy Engaged miniature event.  This game saw teams of Rebels v Teams of Imperials using the author’s own rules for space combat.  The vessels were all standard Star Wars vessels and had cards very reminiscent of Full Thrust.  All in all the game trudged along quite slowly and compared to Full Thrust I would rather have played it.  During out two hour time slot I think our entire table saw one model removed from the table.

I spent most of the rest of Friday at the auction where there was an awful lot of items for sale.

Saturday saw me back at the auction where I picked up copies of the Dragonhunt, Wizard’s Quest, Lionheart, and Fantasy Warriors boardgames.  I also won a Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Boardgame.  What I failed to win were a Doom game, Battlestar Galatica Pegasus Expansion, Empire of Ages, Horus Heresy and Heroquest games all of which I bidded on several times.

Saturday also saw me take part in the highlight of the whole convention which was Catalyst Games Leviathan demonstrations.  This game of pre-WWII flying steamships previewed with pre-painted miniatures very similar to those used by Dystopian Wars.  They had a great trade-in program going where you could win a small Destroyer for your first demo, and then upgrade it for a Cruiser and eventually a Battleship by playing in two of the paid sessions; which I did.  Other than the miniatures the game itself is very good with rules for different weapons, engine power, speed, torpedoes and shields.  All managed and tracked on the ship template card.  In the version we played I did not see any rules for leaders or commanders so I do not know if these will be included.  The high point of any game is scoring what is called a “breaking the keel” role where a ship has so much damage subsequent attacks have a chance of blowing it apart.

There were several other games being demoed that I really wanted to preview but the crowds to get in where large throughout the whole weekend including Starship Captains, Gears of War and Dust Tactics.  I was also unable to find the demo location for the Battleship Galaxies games.

All in all there were not any ground breaking releases at the convention but it was a good balanced show with a little of something for everyone and a LOT to look forward to in the final quarter of this year.


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