Painting 100 Miniatures In 10 Hours!!

Back in 2002 I attempted to paint 100 miniatures in 10 hours. I chronicled my effort here at TMP . I have tried this several times since then the last time being in 2006. Eventually by doing these I got my “total” unpainted miniature count down to 57 miniatures. Sadly, I have not painted consistently in going on two years and I now have well over 300 unpainted miniatures many of which are individual figures which are harder to paint than rank and file.

Well I decided this weekend to chronicle another attempt at 100 miniatures painted in 10 hours. Now I have never actually painted that many in 10 hours. The closest I came was 16 hours. But I chose 10 hours because its a pace of 10 miniatures per hour which I believe should be possible. The way it works though I don’t sit 10 hours straight and try to paint 100 miniatures. Instead, I will keep a stop watch of my painting time and when I reach a total of 10 hours I will see how many miniatures I have painted. Basing does not count and neither does assembly so I will stop the watch during those activities.

The key to this is going to be the selection of miniatures. The more rank and file I can locate the better chance I have of succeeding. In my next post I will show the miniatures that I have selected and the rest of the prep in getting started.


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