Gears of War v DOOM

I read a post at BoardgameGeek today where a subscriber was upset that he was unable to play DOOM solo. One of the commentators who responded then proceeded to chide him about buying games to play solo that were not meant for solo play. Another commentator then went on to state that Gears of War the Boardgame was coming out and it was “similar to DOOM” but had solo rules.

I gave my own take on this conundrum and thought I would share it with you all here.

* * *
On this note, if it is similar to DOOM then you might also be able to glean how they incorporated solo play into it and do the same thing for DOOM.

I am a long time solo gamer and have my own website on solo miniature wargaming and I have played many games solo that weren’t meant for solo play like Axis and Allies.

This involves different mechanics that can range from simply assigning random die rolls to options or in the case of something like Mansions of Madness or Betrayal At House on the Hill it may simply involve “tricking yourself” by trying to forget what choices you made for one side by time you start play for the other. For example in the case of MM as explained above you could set up the game and make the choices for the monsters etc. then wait two weeks. Come back and start playing the investigators. By then you may not even remember what choices you made. YOu can add even more uncertainty to this by letting someone else do the initial set up for you. Say you have a teenage son or friend who doesn’t want to play but is willing to set it up and place the cards or whatever. You then take over! I would be glad to give you more specific advise if you contact me through my blog!

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