More Inspiration for Your Gaming!


3 thoughts on “More Inspiration for Your Gaming!

  1. I have been working on a rules for ancient solo/multplayer miniatures. (Peloponnesian War , Wars of the second triumvirate). I have worked out a system of tying together naval and military force under a single general.I find that by noting general forces on the map and individual forces in the rules I can move multiple units within a command without the complication incurred by placing counters on a map. In the strategic segment there are no counters, just a reference map and a log.The tactical naval portion uses miniatures in a simple abstraction , two of each type allowing the player to postion his fleet before the battle.They have possiblities regarding the incorporation of tactical naval combat

      • Individual forces are those defined by the rules as being under a certain commander.They have no physical presence but are a factor . A general could be in command of a force of galleys, say a squadron of quinquremes,one of libernians and say one of hemoilia along with a legion of regulars and one of auxiliaries. There is a piece for the fleet, the rest come into play depending upon the overall situation.If the player is up on victory points he uses all of them ,if middling some are missing,and so on.The army units are tied to the fleet and have a certain effective combat range assuming they are in a land square.This is done on a small map ,the tactical stuff then transferred to a table , the non phsycal pieces now put into play using a set of rules for tactical warfare, one for naval one for military.

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