Solo Boardgames

Recently I have very much gotten back into solo boardgames. In fact I actually started with solo boardgames the first being Barbarian Prince by Dwarfstar games. I own this game today and it is still very much considered by me to the best solo wargame ever made.

However, recently solo variant or themed boardgames are making a come back and in particular games like Wrath of Ashardalon and Castle Ravenloft are said to be playable solo.
Now being a “miniature” gamer how I incorporate solo board games into my miniature exploits is by trying to incorporate the “one off” type of game found in a board game with my miniature campaign or miniature world.
For example there is a boad game called The Adventurers by AEG where the players assume the role of intrepid pulp characters trying to search and escape an ancient Aztec type temple before a hurtling stone crushes them. I intend on using this game the next time I have a miniature session where my character is required to search for a treasure or enter a ruin. At that point I will pause the actual miniature game and then schedule a play of The Adventurers. If my character lives and gets treasure then that is what he will receive the equivalent of in the miniature session. If he dies in the boardgame then I will roll to see if he is actually dead in the miniature game or simply “out of action” for some period of time.
This can be taken a step further where you are actually playing a solo “boardgame” within a solo “boardgame”. For example in Barbarian Prince there are times in the game where Cal Arath, the hero, must search a ruins. In that game he rolls on a table. Well instead of rolling everytime you can “game” that encounter using The Adventurers and then apply the result to Barbarian Prince and proceed from there.
Overall, boardgames that can be played solo (even if not specifically meant to be solo) are a great way to expand the depth and breadth of your solo wargaming!

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